Specializing in Internal Medicine




Primary Care

This Solo-practice office offers primarily  Primary Care Services to patients looking for comprehensive, longterm Intermal Medicine Services.


Weight Loss (intermittent fasting), Anti-aging, Hormonal replacement (HGH, HRT, LowT) programs available.  IV nutritional supplements starting soon.   Current patients only.

Please be advised  we no longer perform testing for Genetics, Allergies or ANS.  If you have any billing questions please direct them to the company on your statement. Ask them to contact this office if necessary.




New Patients

We have  new patient appointments available upon review of Insurance and doctor's availability.  Membership fee to cover non-covered services that we offer is required for continuing patients.





2019 Marks Our 20th Anniversary!!!!

This website is under re-construction due to office relocation.





This office does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation or any covered demographic information as listed under Federal Laws.