Specializing in Internal Medicine

Interests concentrated in areas of: 

Routine Primary Care  

Prevention and Wellness

Integrative Medicine

Functional/Molecular Medicine


Hormone Replacement

Personalized Optimal Health Programs*

Virtual Online Consultations (call office to set up, or email us)

Comprehensive Medication Review Consultation
Personal Consultations (Second opinion, Overview)






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Primary Care

This Solo-practice office offers primarily  Primary Care Services to patients looking for comprehensive, longterm Intermal Medicine Services.  Longterm patients must be  agreeable to a Membership Fee to cover the costs of services provided that are not covered by their insurance company, copay or deductible.  Membership Fee starts at $525/year per patient.  There are spaces available, but space is limited.   Insurance is billed for covered services provided.   Additional information is available through this website.  Click on contact us and send a message to us.  Allow 1-7 days for reply.  This is not for medical advice.  See your current doctor or other healthcare provider. 


This office also offers consultations without Membership for patients seeking help with Pre-op, Nutritional/Hormonal, Second Opinion or other services described below.


News for Patients....

Extra and optional services related to Health and Wellness are being added to each level of Membership including: Skin Care, Vitamin Packs, Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Contact the office and leave a message for Doctor to contact you.  The goal is "PERSONALIZED" care, arranged for your needs and supported through the services and products that are available from the office or our resources.

Other Medically Necessary tests offered include: Nutritional testing, Pharmacogenetic Testing, Allergy Testing, and Genetic Cancer Gene Testing.  Subject to case review, medical necessity and insurance coverage. 



Current Members that have new insurance that is out of network with this office need to call the office for information on the procedure in this situation.

We are out of network for Teachers Health Trust  and Sierra Health and Life and all Sierra Products..    Contact the office  to learn how we are resolving this  situation. 


We have closed the following panels to new patients for Primary Care.  Existing patients that change to the insurances below, please call the office to discuss options so you do not have to change physicians.

Sierra--all products


Tricare Prime

Blue Cross HMO

UMR, Loomis, Healthscope, Exchange Insurance, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage HMO

We do not perform evaluations for Worker's Comp, Disability, Personal Injury or MVA



New Patients

We have no new patient appointments available until approximately August.  Any exceptions would have to be approved by Doctor.   Please call the office for information or to schedule late summer.  


The following panels are closed and no new patients will be scheduled:  All Tricare, Sierra Products, Teachers, all HMOs, Medicare Advantage Plans, Amerigroup, all Nevada CO-OP/exchange products.  This list may change without advance notice.  Please call the office if needed.




Patients that are interested in Non-insurance/Cash consultations or   1-2 time visit through insurance should contact the office for information.  We have hourly rates available for a variety of consultations including: lifestyle coaching, Nutrient Testing, Hormone Replacement, Second Opinion, Medication Management, and other areas.  Please leave a message with the staff and our physician will notify you.  Isolated consultation only (with insurance) is arranged by the physician only.  

Membership is not required for  consultations.



 If you are interested in personal coaching, lifestyle management, anti-aging review, the Doctor offers a variety of options for testing, review, and  personal planning. 

Feel free to contact the office and provide the staff with your interests and needs.  The Doctor will review your request and we will provide information of what services this office may be able to provideyou  with or without insurance as you work toward your goals.  




Coming Soon...


Many new services are planned for later this year.





This office does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation or any covered demographic information as listed under Federal Laws.